De Niche is a brand under BrainPIX Studio founded by Tejal Mehta & Harshil Ajmera, a company with over 15 years of experience in graphic design. At De Niche, professional photography and artistic elements come together to tell an incredible story, one which we hope will inspire conversations. Each design is completely unique, making a fantastic style statement while also adding class to your home or professional space.

The walls may have ears but with De Niche it’s time you give them a voice too!
If you are looking to create the right mood for every area – whether adding a burst of brilliant colour or an enticing piece to evoke a sense of mystery - De Niche™ has a print for you. Our statement pieces match both vintage and bold, contemporary décor.
You can make De Niche piece the centre of the space and design around it or use it to complement any existing colour scheme. So whether you are dabbling in design for your home or professional interior decorator doing up a client’s house, office, restaurant, hotel or hospital - we have pictures that work in every setting!

We only use quality materials and modern printing technology to make sure the colour tones are an exact match to the original. This means you get spectacular as well as durable prints.

With an unparalleled variety of styles and themes to choose from, you can now gift the perfect print for any occasion and delight even the most discerning friends, family and colleagues!

At De Niche™, we are committed to providing imaginative art at accessible prices. It is our deepest passion to help you experiment and express yourself through art – your space is our canvas!