Ever since I've put the frame in my store it has added a spark to the interior and curious clients always are inqusitive and amazed after seeing the Frame. I only wish the size was bigger as it would have had a better impact.

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De Niche WallArt is a unique concept that comprises of abstract photographs complemented with graphic art to make each piece an incredible gallery piece. From designs with striking colors to black and white pieces with exceptional depth, these prints pair well with traditional and contemporary decor. They can be excellent gifts as well.

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Very innovative concept with wonderful compilation of Art captured from nature and created amazingly beautiful pieces of Manifestation. Being a fashion designer myself I personally relate myself to this kind of art and strongly recommend this completely unique way of gifting which truly adds beauty to your interiors. This WordArt 'AJMERAS' was specially customized to be gifted on the occasion of House Warming.

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Ever since I've put this piece of Art on my wall it has changed the ambience and look of my living room. I would also like to take this opportunity and emphasize on quality of the materials used which ensures the color tones are an exact match to the original. Thanking you DeNiche for this wonderful frame.

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View with a different eye, and everyday objects can form letters. When photographed and placed together they form words.

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Customized WordArt 'RISHAB' on his birthday from his parents to their son. They say a picture paints a thousand words. But Tejal has turned the adage on its head, creating beautiful pictures using words, seeing a pattern in objects and every day scenes and capturing them

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Rupali Shah - Customized WordArt

I have known Tejal since we were both toddlers. Her sense of aesthetics always fascinated me. It is little wonder then that her de Niche - WordArt frames are so original, so classy and to be cherished for a lifetime. The effort that may have been put in to capture alphabets from everyday life is a gift .... And she has that in ample measure. I will keep going back to her for more wondrous frames, and cherish the smiles from the recepients.

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Sejal Shah - Customized WordArt

This WordArt 'SIMRAN' was specially customized to be gifted on her daughter's birthday. It was thoughtfully sized according to the wall space of her room. A premium quality textured paper was used for professional quality imaging where every detail was beautifully displayed. This was complimented by a mount, protected by glass and a white frame ready to hang.

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Geeta Kuckian - Stained Glass WallArt

De Niche picked up on our taste and crafted accordingly. I was very happy with the final outcome and the overall look of the work and design. Never thought printing on Glass would turn out this spectacular. Also I would like to mention timely delivery of the frame knowing there was not enough time in hand. Thanking you De Niche Team. De Niche picked up on our taste and crafted accordingly. I was very happy with the final outcome and the overall look of her work and design.

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